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Blizzard in My Blood - text


I feel the touch of your hand
Sweeping across our land.
I see the work of your hand
Spreading across our land

I know the changes,
They are temporary waves
And they're never here to stay
But hurry now cos
Patience just don't live forever
And I feel like 100 years today

And when I die if I do.
I've seen a hundred of you
And when I die if I do. I know just what you do

There are days when I can reach up to the
sun days that couldn't go too slow but today
I'm at the bottom of the world yeah
Today I feel so low

Yeah - It feels so hopeless in my grave
Yeah - It's like I'm mouldering every day
Yeah - I need a blizzard through my blood
Yeah - to drown my veins into the flood

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