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you told me to kill things I can't stand living here all around me
I cannot survive when you start to criticize things about me
i never used to carry a gun to help me make my way
but you're working hard on trying
to change my mind and what i say
I won't fight but I'm not a wimp
piss off is the thing I thing
but you don't see because you're blind
to the things in my mind that's
why you're just going to make me smile

I apologize one thousand times
when I failed to do what you like
am I really ten seconds too late
in reading a wish in your eye?
have you ever seen me beating up
another man and breaking his bones?
no? now tell me why are you afraid
to turn around when you're all alone

rivulets of blood streaming down
your cheeks in a travesty of tears
this is what you expected to feel
but this is not my style my dear
without moving my fingers at
all I'll make you say yes and nod
with rivulets of tears streaming down
your cheeks in a travesty of blood
cancer is ugly but so am I
when I take a grip on your brain
I will not act the way you told me
I won't kill you, just drive you insane
a more beautiful way to punish
a man and make him weep loud like a child
just stay calmed down and look
into his eyes and give him that fucking smile

Text přidal DevilDan

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