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The Eternal Glory of War - text


When I'm alone, and thinkin' of death
Thinkin' about the world and when it will end
Thinkin' of what is accepted and accepted as true
They're all just lies!
AWARE! BEWARE! WAR! The war that is so come
The beast in man has been caged far too long
No longer are we the wild wolves of old
The cross has taken our talons and taken our soul
The Eternal Glory Of War
This song is a stab to the hearts
Of those who would have us feel guilty for our past
Fuck all this remorse and fuckin' regret
They are a curse and a disease of Christianity that leads to our death
HAIL! Those who would give us hope
HAIL! Those who have seen beyond the dawn
HAIL! To those who have fought and won our wars
HAIL! To those who have kept the fire burning
The Eternal Glory Of War
The spirit of the War-dead call out our name
They call us to remember and rekindle the flames
The spirit of the War-dead never died
They live on in our hearts through Spirit and Pride
The spirit of the War-dead are your ancestors too
There is no shame in who and what we are
Look within and find out who you are
The Eternal Glory Of War
And it seems the Winds of change are upon us again
The tides have risen an the seas are black
Seems we are here to bear witness to the world at its death
But have no fear for the world ends for us all in the end

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