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Suicide Demo for Kara Walker - text


Brown paper bag, don’t stop me now
I’m on a roll
Plain brown wrapper in your pocket
Is it still the invisible man you’re consorting with

Now that you got it all…wrong…
You got it all…Backwards, Girl
Enter through the exit and exit through the entrance
When you can
Seen you consort with your invisible manhole

Fool child, you’re never gonna make it
New York City just wants to see you naked
(And they will)
Though they’d never say so
Wise, old, black and dead in the snow
My southern sister...

“Sister, Sister” was the name of the band
Flesh and blood, my death close at hand! Sister
This is not about me and it’s not about you, I swear!
No hard feelings, nothing personal, soft sculpture rides the air
For free…

Words words words…
Longings longings longings…
All in vain
Just ask Vanity, abandoned out in the rain
By the world, another proud American…

And as proud Americans, we let it slide... away
Harmless little negress
You've got to say yes to another excess
Let's go for a ride today

In possession of eyes that's it
In possession of eyes that's it

A southern bunkhouse, blue skies up above
A kind of figure of feminine grace
And wit passes for love these days

All that slender-wristed, white translucent business
Passes for love these days
Mush-head genius passes for love these days

Four more years, four more years
Four hundred more years of this shit, fuck it
I look up, I see the North Star, I look up, I see the North Star
When I look up at the bar through these tears

Four white pillars, Yankee style
All of America loves to lights his pipes
All of America live to light his pipe at night
To which Dixie responds, "Free me"

And unlashes his sashes...

Maybe or maybe not ("fast forward" she said)...
Maybe once the seed is sown ("fast forward" she said)...
"This bird has flown south," she said
"Don't talk about the south," she said

It's not you, it's nothing personal
No hard feelings, nothing's there...
Soft sculpture rides hard on the air...

Now that you got it all... wrong...
You got it all...backwards girl...
Enter through the exit and exit through the entrance...

When you can...

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