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Is it with sadness you hang your head, or shame?
Is it your burden that leaves you blood-stained?
No song, no words, will ease your regret.
No drug, no love will let you forget.
For they are but fleeting, like words in the wind -
wild nights, sobered by the dawn.
For they are without meaning - like honourless men,
broken vows laid bare before the dawn.
Like a wild dog ensnared you'll eat yourself free,
to rejoin the shadow of the hunting jaguar.
I once believe I held the answer in the palm of my hand,
and toyed with it like a child.
Worth, not worth dying for.
Worth living aloud
I question everything.
On the brink of self annihilation,
a lightning strike revelation-
how easily that we lie
for shallow love and hollow pride.
How vainly we do attempt
to stem the tide of consciousness,
how easily we are led on the merry dance to our death.
How entranced we are by the fire,
or enslaved to our own desires.
Human, all too Human!
Watch the Naked ape groveling before the stars -
scratching at the sky,
Your trials and tribulations,
they reek of self infatuation -

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