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Blood for Blood - text


I bring you abject decadence
I glorify the violence of cowards and fools
I sell your lives like cattle and whore your daughters to the world
I am Alpha Omega. And I can pedal desires like drugs – get your crack whores high like dogs. I can rant and rave any liberalist shit – Do my ways appease you, does my cruelty please you? You seek arrogance like a dog seeks like a dog seeks his master’s hand. Blood for Blood

So where is it we find ourselves? Once around and back again, is this how it was meant – that we should end like this? I think not.
Have the Gods not failed enough, that we must conjure more?
Why confuse the issue with endless metaphor – why say anything at all?

But this is not our way – not you not I
We shall have our day, we shall defy
We shall not cower beneath the tyrant’s heel, before the master’s whip we shall not yield. We will never die.
We shall not break, we shall not kneel – we will always fight. You will always hear…Hear our war cry.
Blood for Blood!

Text přidal Sunrise686

Video přidal DevilDan

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