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A Thousand Plagues - text


When every fool is given a voice
and every fool is given the right -
through the deafening roar of the maddening crowd
you just might hear the drums resounding.

A momentary lapse of Treason on the multinational stage,
A linear history manifest; a mass delusion by bequest.
Now, in this age of reason a million righteous fools
invoke a million Gods, as in the age of stone -

Christians and Zionist Jews, Crescent Moon peasants,
Marxist tyrants and childless hypocrites.
Tell me where the truth lies,
and I'll tell you which lie is truth.
Another fucking cliché to misconstrue!

Men of ursury, count your corn -
you'd be better to count your days.
Women of perjury, you'll rue the night
you gave yourself away.
Narcotic child: come you'll see -
I fear not for your soul has fled from thee.

So beware the lure of religion
and beware the voice of idealism -
cast off the garb of your eloquence,
your romantic vision and their pretense.

Fuck them all, all ye of little faith -
let the Wolves Awaken!
Fuck the all, each and every one:
a thousand plagues upon them!

"By god you're cunning, they never knew, behind the vision there was you. You are cold, like a shadow, like a knife in the lives of the shallow."

Fuck them all, each and every one -
a thousand plagues upon them!

Fuck them all. Salt the earth and betray them -
if there's a god above, then hear my call:
a thousand plagues upon them.
One last request to wish them Hell.

My epitaph - my final word:
a thousand plagues upon them.

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