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Spare me false modesty and feigned indignation
Your pride, like your vanity betrays your consternation.
And your rhetoric of victory - your visionary deceit:
Stolen words and deeds defiled with conceit!
For who is it that you sing and so proudly proclaim?
For your own posterity, or a braver youth?
Do not pity their squalid fucking mess
A follower of Dreams is a follower no less
Some believe that without hope man is surely lost.
I, on the other hand, will gladly cut the rope.
On to all those disillusioned souls,
drunk with desire - narcissistic fools!
Courage of our convictions we do not lack
lack of desperation holds us back.
Each one tied to his own ideal,
so spare me your piety: I'll see you all in Hell!
It is not faith in eternal life that guides me now,
but the fact that I know I've not long to live.
None have long for this world -
so seize every night, every waking hour:
breathe every moment, this is our
Last Will and Testament. A stand of defiance!
I will not go down with the white flag.
Scarred, but not beaten.
We are not Defeated!
A stand Defiant - a will to triumph!
Scarred, but not beaten.
We are not Defeated!
A will to triumph,
A stand Defiant.

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