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No sense of belonging
We're losing ID
Can I be what I see?
What do you think about my new style?
My name is Appearance
My surname is Fever
Hyper-real, this mood is what we are now
May people be only a list mailed?
May food be only fun?
Must fun be only a pre-chewed imitation of what Tv shows?
Fever, the wrong fever
SMS for claiming love
One packed sentence can buy ten plastic dolls
Fever, plastic fever
See my shoes bought in the mall
I can't but they can tell a lot on my own
Fever, what a fever
Down, please pull me down, make a shoe of me
Can a leaf stands for nature while Hi-Tec makes it better?
Human being calculator?
Yes with ID Generator
Let's forge right now a sense to it
We need a word or it can't be
Can I be sold in boxes?
No problem to me
Just present me at the best
My name is Show Man Walking
My surname Trained Monkey
Buy me!
Give me a name I need an id
Joy of misidentification
In a non-united globalization

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