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Peacefully Lost - text


I have lost the north
I have run for ages
Where have I gone?
What have I found?

My knees shake exhausted
My teeth digs the warm soil
Caressed by the dust that
Travels with the scree

If I look behind
I see no past

And nothing will chase you
Now that you're laying still
Lips to the ground
About clear

What roadway took you there
Who cares now?
For it doesn't matter

Looking from this close
These little stones of concrete
They no longer look grey
Pearls of rock in all shades

I turn behind and
Rather than the past
I see the fair sky
I think I will stay here
For a while

Hunting the wind
I ran here
How sweet the void
Peacefully lost
In no man's field
I found myself

Won't you stay forever?
Won't you lay here with me?
Give up on things that used to matter
Give in to means that have no end

Text přidal Grunge_Kid

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