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Not Everything Is Said - text


In the jungle of our time
Thousands of faces hanging on walls
Thousands of eyes gazing at me
Can't dodge their rays
Beams of oppressive gravity
Scream in dispair
For nothing is unrepeatable
Or is it?

Strong enough to survive
Strong enough to move on
Conscious of their values
But bored of their doctrine
The day the sun will burn
Under their shadow
I won't find shelter

Denounce our fathers
For blinding our hands
Clasped to pray those shoulders
On top of which we stand
Shadows of our fathers
Cover the Whole land
Still not everything has been said

In the hall of fame of our age
Hundreds of handprints in golden stars
Hundreds of eyes looking away from me
Eyes sparkling with light
As bright as mine
I won't lower my sight

Our idol is a lion
Who can no longer protect his prole
Our duty not to leave
The jungle orphan of its king

Not everything is written
Not everything is said
As little as I can be
I'm not dead yet

Text přidal Grunge_Kid

A Means To No End

Destrage texty

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