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I chase dreams and ambitions
I don' t even know for certain
If that is what I really want
Maybe I don' t care at all
I just want to roam in dreams
Give me time to try
Give me time to fail
Give me time to lose my time

We are stronger than we know
We can stand pain
And dazed by our own strengh
We elevate

We are dreamers
Architects of a glorious castle
Unlit and forbidden
Right there
Floating in the air

I chase dreams and ambitions
And once I will get there
Then all will be easy
Until I will decide to make it difficult
All over again
Give me time to reach
The goals I don't need
Give me time to lose my fucking mind

The choice is mine
The risk is mine
Coz singing in your lethargy
I reach no bottom

Have you seen your ghost?
He is behind
Hand covering your eyes
Jealous of the beauty in front of you
Harmless before it

Text přidal Grunge_Kid

Video přidal Grunge_Kid

A Means To No End

Destrage texty

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