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We don't trust who says he's always working
Who answers to a phone that's not ringing
And leaves the room when it's time to finalize
But it's always there, smiling around
As long as everything is perfectly fine

You can talk big
But I don't bow
Until you show me
What you've got
Can't fool me big guy
You're all blah blah

We don't trust wannabe aristocrats
Moderate democrats
Well-behaved and diplomats
Backing up the polite autocrat
Sliding downhill
Oiled up in soft skills
Gentry omitting a truth that may harm
To carefully hide a lie that shall kill

We don't trust apple polishers
Ass lickers with a license
No cop can't confiscate
We don't trust the v.i.p's best friends
He also knows the barman
That don't work the night you're there

Text přidal Grunge_Kid

A Means To No End

Destrage texty

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