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Abandon to Random - text


Grains of sand
Spinning little things
Circling with no end
Why do I sort my objects
why do I interfere
whit this beautiful anarchy
That imposes the chaos
And I dust my effort shields?

The brain ain't your servant
The world ain't your satellite
Control doesn't exist

Bubbles reach the surface
To pop into nothing
They dissolve whit Grace
Merging with the great Uncertain
Our influence won't last
Trimmed glass will grow back
Worked out muscles return slack
You will hit the ground
No matter how high you jump

Elastic consequence of a temporary effect
Short term effect result in elastic consequence

Give way to ignorance
Laugh away the quest of the unknown
Give your hand to the Whole
Walz with chaos to the sound of disorder
Learn how to be untroubled
Forces against don't intend to harm
Smile and abandon to random
Do all you can at all times

Text přidal Grunge_Kid

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