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Finally Free (feat. Talib Kweli) - text


Cue the music

[Opening Hook: DeStorm]
Can somebody help me
(This is a world premiere)
I'm down on my knees
(This is a world premiere)
And once I get up
(This is a world premiere)
I'm finally free

[Hook: DeStorm]
Keep trying to get me
But I'm goin' be bold
Even when
I'm tired and alone
Can somebody help me
I'm down on my knees
And once I get up
I'm finally free

[Verse 1: DeStorm]
I've got a heart of steel, never penetrate
Came from the real, only been afraid once
When I put my mom in the grave
Holding onto Psalms she would pray
"Baby, you can rise and be great
But you need to put that anger away"
I made a promise Mama I'mma come up
Right before the angels came and took you away
Now I never cry or complain
Up at night, crying the day
Now who's better than the ninth letter huh?
Fucking right, yeah
I entertain
This ain't for the fortune and fame
This is for the ones slain in the game
If you're doing it for the checks
Then I promise next, you are going to die in them chains
Who yo got on repeat
Is it Em, Wayne, Drake
Jay, Kanye?
Time for the world to talk about De
So I called Talib Kweli
So I could put my city on the map
Show the world B-More can rap
Keep trying to get my but
You'll never hold me back)


[Verse 2: Talib Kweli]
(Get 'Em)
This based on a true story
I raised to my true glory
Me and DeStorm build a life
Two stories
Y'all too corny
Rappers these days, too boring
This looks like a job for
Black Star Wars rappers
This cardboard disguise lore
Since you've been following
You know it get's better
Are you a trend-follower, or a trendsetter (Huh)
We will never let up, never shut up
Never give a fuck, never give a punk
No foundation we man up like war
Put your hands up, like a stick up
Your cameras going to pick up
My movement, slow motion
I'm a Cameron Crowe picture
They're flagging, go figure
Our famillies grow bigger
And sound throwing up
Like they can't handle their liquor


[Bridge: DeStorm]
Let nobody get in the way
After night it comes the day
The soldier's coming
The soldier's coming
The soldier
And I know, I won't let nobody hold me
(Nobody's going to hold me)
I'm going to reach the promise land
I've got to get myself together
Ain't nobody, hold me back


[Outro: DeStorm]
Now I want everybody to stand up
Stand up right now
It's time to represent
The most important person in the world
That's right baby
It's time to represent

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