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Spellbreaker - text


He needs blood, he needs darkness
He's the count on the hill
He hates sunlight, hates the cross
He needs you for his survival!

Waiting for the

Don't kiss the stranger
without a look in the mirror!
Suddenly there, suddenly gone!
Hey girl!
Do you feel the danger?

Waiting for the

Get Down!Here we come!
Lay down! Are you ready to die?
Don't strain! It's all in vain
Just scream out in pain!

/We're going to stab the pole
right through his heart
We're going to burn the castle
on the top of the hill/ X2

We took the cross, we took the pole
and destroyed him forever
But his friends in the night
They have tasted the final kiss
They are victims. They are victims
waiting for the Spellbreaker.

Text přidal paja65

Video přidala satanyka

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