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The soldier in the grave
is screaming for vengeance
What did I fight for, what did I die for?
He's looking for an answer, looking for a clue
But still he wonders: I really don't know
Fight for the nation, fight for the peace
So shut up, get down on your knees
Fight for the nation, fight for the peace
Screaming for vengeance, screaming for blood
Still he wonders: Is there a God?
Give him the answer, give him the clue
It's a soul on the run and that soul could be you
So let him rest in peace
You got to do your best to hate your enemy
Kill for fun. We're never on the run
Fight for your life, you have to be brave
Fight to kill or you are nothing to save
You better live today, you may be dead tomorrow
Even if you ask you'll never know the truth
You only live one time and time can't be borrowed
And no one will bring back your youth.

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