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In Nuclear Light - text


Battles raged on the earth
and fuelled by human sin.
They've seen the divine light.
Battles raged on the sky
and fuelled by hateful gods.
They felt the end of times.
Battles raged in their veins
and fuelled by human blood.
They've smelt the human genocide...

Unveiling raptures of sky the white flaming sword
cut the umbilical cord to let vermins free...

Dark shades arrived into mighty prays.
Into the last sunset...

Intoxicated by fruits of human self ignorance
they were blinded in pure decadence.

In this white nuclear light they've seen the malicious
darkness hidden on the earth to spread dust to dust...

Open your eyes too see the light of death.
Open your minds to feel all lies of gods.
You were puppets of your future...
Death to all them...
Bury your life deep down in the eternal darkness.
Dark was the day you were born where your life had a sense...

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