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Forceps of Hate - text


Devils are arriving that night !
Devils came and slayed.
Devils are invading the sky !
Devils came and killed.
Devils are arriving that night !
Devils came and raped.
Gather your legions from my
Dark realm of hate and sadness...

The time of revenge arrived.
That is this world vomits the truth.
The time o the hate arrived.
This world is crawling...

Into darkened flames of hate and suffering.
I see human's souls raped by our Black legions...

That this world give birth its hate.
That this hate destroy all souls.
Made it in pain and suffering
As a midewipe armed by forceps...

I escape from my realm
Of hate and loneliness.
I escape from my realm
Where's no place for humans...

Kill !!! Your God !!!
Die !!! And rot !!!

I want to have and carry the torch of
The mourning humanity.
I want to see them crawling and soiled.
I want that human's spirits
Understand that the world must change since years.
I want to see them crawling
With my feet and praying for me
And for the reign of black legions...

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