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Evolution : Devilution - text

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Long times later in a dark night,
in a peaceful silence...
A man created divinities
for all blinded and sad spirits ...
Hear the storming !
See the sky blackening !
Shadows of the past feel human'sins...
Blinded by grief they are... everyone...
Watching this frozen landscape
I feel mentale tortures of the whole sad mass.
He built a funeral prophecy !
A weeping procession...
Moving through this apocalyptic sky...
Where blessed spirits give their lives.
Where raped angels hate their lies.
Can you hear echoes of peace though this burning sky ?
Can you forget your acid and sad existence ?
I will save you from their blind and dark treachery.
I will save you from their hate and spread the divine light...
Long times later...
You don't see summer sun
You don't see autumn rain
You don't see winter snow
Believe in me for a different world...

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