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Escaping Reality - text


Every time, every breath
Every blow can be the last!
In your world the light is so scintillating
In my world there is an absence of light.
Can you see fashion outshines morality?
Every time...
Egoism needs to dictates humanity.
I need to stay alone in my own way.
Can you see this frustrated masse so unworthy?

Escaping reality...
Keep the faith of what I believe.
Your legal lies and desperate cries are the shade of your ignorance!
Forced to be similar I don't want to be...
I need to stay alone in my own way to believe in my destiny...
I am the evil son! I am the one with the darkened sun!
Future is rising in my mind! Future is rising in your mind!

I am the evil son!
I am the one with darkened sun

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