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Praise my immaculate skin complexion
Cherish these symmetrical features
I maintain my poise on this pedestal
If looks could kill, my charms would scatter faceless dead bodies everywhere
Like an over-exposed medallion hanging around my neck, ostentation glitters
Perfect visibility is an asset. I reach for its crown
Disseminated black roses follow my every step
A mirror's reflection is so soothing
A stunning self-portrait reveals itself
Immortalize this flawless creation
Each step feels like a stroll on the red carpet
Perfect visibility is an asset, a coronation
Modesty can only reduce one's pride to ashes
My chin points towards a grey sky: superiority
I only look down on other beings: inferiority. Immaculate
The annihilation of every larvae would not sadden me
Immaculate. My contempt for the living elevates my one true love to a higher rank
Diminish a hero to embellish my dignity
Perfect visibility is an asset, a crown held up high
I will sit alone on my throne
I will sit alone on my throne
I will sit alone on my throne
I will sit alone on my throne

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