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The Medium Was Tedium - text

the medium was tedium, the outlets were (closed?)
the rats were fighting cats again and everyone was (stuck?)
just another (sound they lent ya?)
just another commercial venture

school ??what?? work just the same
nothing ever changes
? the things that we blame
it's a negative point of view
and i bet you've got it too

don't have a nice amount in a london bank counter
pockets full of destiny, our panic (shrinking?) ecstacy
another generation
of general intimidation

pushing through the old ?? crowd is a (low?)
it was easy, it was cheap
go and do it!

?? it's the same everywhere
neutral went to positive, it's something to share
the light has changed from red
and now it's green instead

your brain is in a better condition than mine
i heard about your feelings on the old grapevine
you can eat industrial waste
if you can stand the taste

trying to focus the haze
ah, the craze
it was easy, it was cheap
go and do it!

i think of telling people that they're capable too
they don't want to believe me and there ain't just a few
all are insecure, (and all are tele viewers?)
conscious popping concert-goers in the latest ?? way
?? the audience without a cause
some are ??, and i can't disagree

??what?? i got the streets
he'd said i never pass the same way twice
i never take my own advice
if you can understand
go and join a band!

all i can say to you is this
it was easy, it was cheap
go and do it!

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