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Soul of a wanderer - text


Gust of wind is calling you to hoist the sails
Signs of starlit sky will show the way
Raging sea is embracing the ship
Straying by waves is your destiny

So raise your flag up high
Follow your heart and

Master of the wind
Ruler of the waves
Follow your long way
To the Neverland
Lust for the unknown
Restless heart will keep
Fly on freedom's wings
Soul of a wanderer

Endless quest is the meaning of life
Tempt your fate you are born to be wild
Rushing guns are playing death's lullaby
Through the fire of hell you will fly

So raise your sword up high
Follow the wind and

You'll remember
Sorrow in mother's eyes
Praying you to stay home for a while

To the sunset
You are heading the course
Towards trials you're entering the storm

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