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This flesh that burdens you's not one of my faults
As a matter of fact, my kind can´t have any

Pure light is the texture of the cloth I wear
And together we sing of Heaven´s glory
We follow every step you take, to protect your life
And every pain that hurts you we try to soothe

Guarding and protecting all God´s creatures is our mission
And our hearts never feel anger or grief that grip and rot at heart
Your human hearts

My existence is a demostration
of perfection and purity
All the emanations of the love that gives us life
Are the holy light we reflect on you
The meaning of my life is the meaning
Of the endless love that gives me life
The meaning of all the people´s life
Is a challenge they have to face everyday

Maybe there is something I am missing, something I am deprived of
Is my absence of desires a subtle chain to hold me down?

Light as air, pure as sky
Am I imprisioned in a golden cage?
Free to be, forced to be free
A mighty power keeps me trapped here

Text přidal DevilDan

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