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i see tha anger in the back of your eyes i know the vengeance running through your mind you're up on the cross with a heart full of nails hanging your head whenever you fail you're thinking. now's the time you keep saying. now's the time but you still keep standing still you're free now. now's the time it's over now. now's the time and i believe. now's the time and there ain't a thing now that you can do you expect everyone to have pity on you nobody else can put their life in your hands so get up and move while you still have the chance with all of your mind, and all of your soul and all of your heart, if you want to be smart you've got a lot to give, don't throw it away you'll have your way some day, it will come to you let's see what you do with the rest of your days you had it all and you gave some away it's not going to matter when you're dead and gone you'll be rewarded for the good that you've done so quit thinking. now's the time. and start doing. now's the time you've got a lot to live for so quit crying. now's the time and start trying. now's the time now's the time. now's the time to live you say you've been run through the lover's mill but people are starving while you get your fill there's not time for standing still there's another void that you can fulfill that you can fulfill

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