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In the ban of Satans Sorcery - text

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ln the last hours of a dying day
When the shades hand deep deeper
Damnation comes upon my soul
l know my time has come again
l feel the growling need
Darkness shall ascend
Must set the night on speel
Must feel the burning stream
Behold the rising pentagram
As fire fills my heart
Obsses me unholy shadows
Obsses my hungry heart
Where the flesh is only a prision
The magic set's the spirit free
l stare into the emptyness
My eyes can't let of it
His craffs fill my soul with life
And paint my dreams bloodred
Unveiled are my darkest desire
The temptation knows no bound
l feast in blasphemy
Bewitched by the force from below
Take me into your spheres
Take me far from here
Life can't please my desire
Lead me to the throne
Feel close to the realms of death
Far from all earthly life
Banned in endless trance
Mesmerize by the other side
The shine of evil eyes complets the scenery
Now as l'm ready for thy inferity
Repeat: Must set the night...

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