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(Okkulto 7/95)
the fire of revenge surrounds the holy throne take your weapons and fight on the fields of triumph
thunder a lightning grow
breaking the silence of the night
a bloodred horizon
behind mountains of black
now we will return
through the wood of damnation
we ride
on the fields on triumph
we fight
in sorrow we waited
in hate we come back
a fire is burning
called revenge
fantares and drums
a demonic chorus
bring the sound of your defeat
when we arrive
spread the message of rebellion
(repeat the chorus)
the ride of blasphemous masses
has just begun
like a nocturnal hurricane
blow away the holy earth
what once was a vision
is now a reality
what now is made
shall forever be
your suffering should be endless
like the time of waithing was
crawl under the hoofs
of my horse
loss of pride and will
no strenght is in his body
kneel down by your cross
pray to your lovely heaven
i will crush and destroy
the world
of your fuckingod...
our banner is rising
high on the mighty hill
i ride the over the field
in satisfaction
the battle is won forever

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