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You've been chosen
The one not conformed
you must be a witch
Based on the tales
Your time is at end
Confess now and save your soul
We have no mercy
You've been condemned
Now you will die, burned at the stake
Morning is near
The stakes are now set
Any last words
Doesn't matter what you say
We must now cleanse
Those who infect
To save our souls
You must slowly die
Tie me up to the stake
Light the sticks at my feet
Now you watch me burn
You just stand and watch
As I twist in pain
Winds from the east
Spread my remains
My ashes inhaled
Now I am a part of you
You will be next
Those that accused
The witch shall live on
Inside those who took my life
Now you will die, burned at the stake
How does it feel?
Not to have a say
You will be judged
Based on their tales
The madness lives on
Insanity rules the weak
The differences of man
Destroy all 'til, until decay

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