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Awaken life breathless
Time replaced with still
Echoes of words once said
Translate to nonsense
Demons await for you
Another soul to gain
Words of a mortal fool
Try to save your death
Now the curse is cast on your life
Caught between the dark and the light
The priest is summon to your side
Cleanse your sins with your last rites
Save this man
From hells dark force
Erase his life sins
Forgive I command
Mortal words will now fail
This priest has no right
For he is just a man
Fighting against the dawn of time
Your fate cannot change
With your last rites
Your soul cannot be saved
With your last rites
Stone carved with your name
Life summed up in a phrase
All that is left of you
Are the memories that shall fade soon
Your life is gone
Unto your death
Laid to rest
Placed in your grave
Unto the earth
Fresh laid dirt
Walk into the mist of fog
Scattered are hundreds of graves
Lost inside deaths maze
Beyond the gates sinners await for you

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In Death We Meet

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