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In Death We Meet - text

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Dara, this is to you
We know you're still around
Silence fills the air
I think we all died that day with you
Slowly your life ended
Blood spewed from your side
Did it hurt you much?
As your body was crushed
Why did it end that way?
You did not deserve such a death
It hurts to think of you then
So scared I'm sure and so trapped
Did you have to go?
Could you not hang on?
Time now seems so real
we think of you everyday
I visit you at your grave site
Imagine that you're standing there
But remembering you in the coffin
Takes me back to that day
Oh, these memories of you alive
Go back to when I was just a child
Knowing you was a gift, one thought will always remain
In life we laughed, and In Death We Meet

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In Death We Meet

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