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Nefarious Divinity - text


They feast upon the lifeless.
Awaiting darkness, graves dug at birth.
Yearning for your end; collecting the masses.
Exploited until inheritance.
Enfeebled within the lies and treachery.
We all await an unforgiving fate.
Unlawfulness begins to consume within, devouring all senses.
We all await an unrelenting end.
Unlawfulness begins to consume within, devouring all senses.
Dictatorship of the human race.
Conveyed by greed, squandering eternity.
A lifetime of struggle and sweat.
Mocking our existence, our purpose.
Infiltrating consciousness, altering perception.
Slaves to a savior; save yourself, redeem yourself.
Carve through the innocence of the flesh.
Flourish the skin of our culture with crimson.
Searching on end.
Contrived by a miserly allegiance.
Conveyed by an indoctrination of false promises.
Regurgitating defamation.
Seeking an answer to our well-being.
Disgruntlement extracted with assertion and nerve.
Holding us captive, forever in debt.
Life with no meaning, promised a harrowing death.
Purification of our mindless vitality.
Fated to die in resentment, collapsing under a cursing sky.
Breeding vehemence.
Guided by a blood led religion, amongst a force-fed corruption.
Dwelling a lifeless existence, in this endless damnation.

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