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Ministry of Deceit - text


Welcome to the world of the mislead,
where one can scream and never be heard
(by a single lonesome soul).
Our systems and conventions are all fabrication
of man's greed and malevolence.
Juggernauts of our social media,
ministers of manufactured truth and lies.
Keepers of all that's right or wrong.
They who possess the key to our entity.
Masterminds of our futile existence.
Calculated deaths, twisting ends and ties.
Woes exhibited through delusion.
Between walls slither the mutters of the unseen.
Subconscious manipulation of the mind.
This unending plague of animosity.
This turmoil can be no longer.
Overwrought, we have become.
This is our time, this is upheaval.
This is a revolution.
We will never be silenced, so long as we have a voice.

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