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Everyday my mind flies bottomless
Merciless abyss, my silent mentor
Tormented brain loaded by emptiness
Can't choose the pessimum which I will enter
...and honourable intentions of humanistic dream
Drown in primordial sin...
Here in the depths, dragged into diverted direction
On the chasm beds, flesh and blood without circulation
Primarily, stiffen cramps of fingers enervated
Later on ground absorbs its heat emanated
...and honourable intentions of humanistic dream
Dispersed among human skeleton wrecks...
I turn my sight upward
Whole population hanging on the trees
One by one specimen fall
From ARBOR VITAE into the MAWS of abyss
Here to me...
Where NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCES sublime and vanish
...and now you think
That you are standing
... then you realise
With the dread in your eyes
That you lost the KEY to the GATE
Can you accept that loss? silent mentor...
Can you accept that loss? ... which i will enter...
The only one thing
You take seriously
Is the TIME...
... Placidly sitting on shoulder
Quietly parasitizing in soul
(Posponing the evil hour)

Text přidal DevilDan

Morph - Near Death Experiences

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