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Too fast and bloody was our progression with the cross
We will poison ourselves with our decline thoughs
And no moral evolution could catch up with us
You know what i mean: psalms of penetrated palms
They gave you a fete, so can visit the graveyards
Debtors to the truth in the kingdom of crooked mirrors
There is no spine in bodies
Your falsehood smells to the heavens and beyond
What about you and clerofascism?
What is more important to you in that word?
Making you spit from the common side of the spectrum?
You cannot face the future when you're lost in the past!
You're a waste like locust in our forests
You're stopped like a boulder brought here by a glacier...
Our bile shall stir and we shall lock you up like endangered creatures!
So, welcome to ecumenopolis -
toxic veins of civilisation breeding filth
And empty streets compounded to a city
Put the touch of dreariness in useless mankind face
I believe in specific karma:
Evil souls come back to EARTH!
And we live this world and when you welcome sunrise
They surprise you from the creeping crowd

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Morph - Near Death Experiences

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