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Tainted Like a Crow - text

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Everyone is watching me
Like a bastard and Yes I am
I am the punisher to distract you
Punish yourself, I'm here to watch
I never loved any human
A deep scar in your life
This is what I hope to be
For eternity, for you, for me
Inject the venom in your veins
A Black ink in your heart
You're Dancing until madness
Did you see my knife on you?
This is not reality
Like a Gate without door
Now you are just tainted
Like a crow, a fucking crow
Destruction of my soul, leaving my corpse
A last look to the sun, behind the window
A spell threw in the night, as a shooting star
Follow what you have seen, follow what you are
The birds are tired, they fly with the clouds
Many storms I have seen, the thunder is mind
Leading the warriors, to the holy stones
The giant laid his bones

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