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Hello, Little Girl from Into The Woods ft.Lil.. - text


Good day, young lady.
[LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD].. good day Mr.Wolf.
Look at that flesh
Pink and plump.
Hello, little girl...
Tender and fresh,
Not one lump.
Hello, little girl...
This one's especially lush,
Hello, little girl,
What's your rush?
You're missing all the flowers.
The sun won't set for hours,
Take your time.
Mother said,
"Straight ahead,"
Not to delay or be misled.
But slow, little girl,
Hark and hush-
The birds are singing sweetly.
You'll miss the birds completely,
You're traveling so fleetly.
Grandmother first,
Then Miss Plump...
What a delectable couple:
Utter perfection-
One brittle, one supple-
One moment, my dear-!
Mother said,
"Come what may,
Follow the path
And never stray."
Just so, little girl-
Any path.
So many worth exploring.
Just one would be so boring.
And look what you're ignoring...
Think of those crisp,
Aging bones,
Then something fresh on the palate,
Think of that scrumptious carnality
Twice in one day-!
There's no possible way
To describe what you feel
When you're talking to your meal. (GROWL) for granny
Mother said
Not to stray.
Still I suppose,
A small delay...
Granny might like
A fresh bouquet...
Goodbye, Mr. Wolf.
Goodbye, little girl.
And hello...

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