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I opened the car door
And climbed inside
Trembling hands
Clutching broken pride

Stare through misted glass
As my thoughts rewind
I was counting every breath
I was counting on the end

I just wanted a way out [x2]

As I pull out the street
It's now totally out of reach
And I keep repeating 'I don't care'

But this is what it's like
When losing everything
Is everything that you wanted

I should have cut out my tongue
And filled that room with silence
That silence
Would never have brought me here

But sitting in this front seat
As the mist begins to clear
I've never seen the rain
Look so beautiful

So now it's like our hands never touched
It's like we never said goodbye

I couldn't have given it all away
'cause it was never really mine
I couldn't have given it all away

I'll always cherish this Friday night
Holding my pride so fucking tight

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