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I've woken up cold
Feeling like the loneliest boy in the world
Waking up freezing
Knowing that you're gone
I'm woken up sick to stomach
Knowing I can never see you again
Waking up so lonely
Knowing that you're gone

I'm having one way conversations with you inside my head
Repeating those words
That fucking kill me to have never said

It's these thoughts that I carry with me
It's that knot in my stomach, it's the pain that surrounds me
I just wish I could say this to you
That after everything that you put us through
I thought that the worst in me was everything that I got from you
(I just missed the chance to tell you)

If I scream loud enough, do you think you could hear me?

And I could tell you one last time how much you meant to me
And how just one little word would help me write a better ending
And I could tell you one last time how much you meant to me
And I could say that I tried my best, and it would help me put you to rest

There is a light and it guides us through
All the heartache that life decides to throw at you

Now I can sing our songs
So much louder than before
They will keep you with me

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