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If I could measure the distance
Between the lightness and the shade
I could make sense of this dark
And I could find my way

It felt like it was raining
But only inside my head
Waiting in that dark room
For her songs to guide my way

The world won't listen anymore
Not the way that you think it should
The rain falls in the same way
Like it did when I was young
Sitting in that same old room
And just sang about love

I'm sure if I could see the stars
They might shine for me
But all I feel is the rain
And it soaks me to my skin

It seemed like the song played for hours
It turned and it turned and it turned
And I remember it skipped at the part where she sang about love

And I'm still in that room
Next to that skipping record
I'm still in that room
Where the minutes seem like hours
The song plays loud It drowns out my pity
I remember the day and I remember the hour

I remember the day and I remember the hour
It's a vice squeezing on my skull
I remember the minute and I remember the second
And how it came apart so fast

These thoughts will last me my whole life
These thoughts will plague me my whole life
My heart it beats in the same way
Beating out of time

My hearts stops beating in my sleep

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