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I can remember the taste
That morning your heart fell from my hands
I can still see your face
And the way my soul fell as I let you go

The sun never touches us
Still it climbs through my windows
I let the night cover us
Because it knew our names so well
All our colours were so bright
Still the sun never touched us
But the night would cover us
It knew our names so well

We made a friend of the night's sky
Casting long shadows in the moonlight
But that͛s not how it ended
That's not how I thought I'd deal with the pain
I was looking at you
You were looking at me
And we knew we weren't the same

The sun began to rise on us
It climbed through our windows
The night couldn't cover us
It had forgotten our names
The sun had swallowed our night
It showed us who we really were

We hoped for the best
But all our colours started to run
We walked down your old street
And all our colours started to run
Following signs into our older life
Our colours bled into each other
Until there was nothing left

You go down that old street
Following signs into an older life
Your drive down that old street
And all you remember was the taste

It's such a bitter taste

We let our colours run and bleed into each other
When I look at all we've done, it's just the taste is all that's left.

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