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I drew a line in the wet sand
Then watched the smoke rise in the distance
Listening to time standing still
The birds in the air
Sing the songs of my childhood
Listening to time standing still

The grey smoke rises
It carries my thoughts with it into the air
My childhood carried on the breeze
The smell of the fire
Makes me long to see your face
It's moments like this where I think I'll forget you

I long for the scraped knees
I long for your kind face
Lifting me up out the sand
The comfort of your hands
It's all lost to the fire
We're all just carried in the smoke
You were lost to the fire

Take my hand
I'm still finding it hard to understand you're not here
But I can still feel you next to me
Oh please take my hand
I'm still finding it hard to understand
You're not here

Death touches us, from the moment we begin to love

I dream you take my hand
And I swear I can hear your voice
Carried on the breeze
And when we're both lost to the fire
At least we'll be lost together

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