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Rocky Mountain Suite (Cold Nights in Canada) - text


Up in a meadow in Jasper, Alberta
Two men and four ponies on a long lonesome ride
To see the high country and learn of her people
The ways that they live there, the ways that they die
And one is a teacher, and one a beginner
Just wanting to be there and wanting to know
And together they’re trying to tell us the story
That should have been listened to long, long ago
How the life in the mountains is living in danger
From too many people, too many machines
And the time is upon us; today is forever
Tomorrow is just one of yesterdays dreams
Cold nights in Canada and icy blue winds
The man and the mountains are brothers again
Clear waters are laughing
They sing to the sky
The Rockies are living they never will die
Up in a meadow in Jasper, Montana
Two men and four ponies on a long lonesome ride

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