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When I was a young man I ran away from home
I went to join the circus
Went to see the cotton candy world and make me lots of money
on my own
For Molly
Oh my pretty Molly
but she's waiting all alone
Someday soon I will return to her

Then I made the big time bright lights, showbiz
I'm really in the circus
There's only one thing wrong
I haven't saved a penny
on my own
for Molly
Oh my pretty Molly
But she's writing everyday
Molly understands
so it's okay

Ride a windy box car see a lthousand children young and old
Oh that greasepaint smile can hide your soul
Here comes a carousel guess which town it is
feel the thrill
Greasepaint covers everything but winter's chill

I'm reading Molly's letter
The ink is fading and the page's turning yellow
Long ago
I promised Molly
Don't you know I
I will close my eyes and go to her

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