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Waiting In Line - text


I don't wanna say my goodbyes
Cuz dammit I ain't even famous yet
But I guess it's time that I say my goodbye
Cuz dammit im tired of waiting in this line
Just leave me alone (will you please!?)
Just leave me alone (will you please!?)
Just leave me alone (will you please!?)
Just leave me alone (will you please!?)

[1st verse]
I've been at this rap shit
Around 14 years it took practice
Practice makes perfect they all told me
But they never told me
There's a chance i'll never make it
They never told me life would be this fuckin' difficult
They forgot to mention all the stress and ridicule
You can be what you wanna be little dennis
But little dennis is big now and sees the message
And the message seems clearer now doesnt it
This whole time I was lied to you were bluffin' it
And everything does'nt seem like what they painted
Cuz nothing's colorful here my life is tainted
I'm so sick of this hatred I can't take it
Ha that's what u wanna hear huh ain't it?
You wanna hear me all depressed about ur opinions
When I can give a fuck less about your feelings


This rap thing is making me a little anxious
Why? Cuz Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy are famous
I got a name too but to the world I'm nameless
Maybe I should rhyme a little more in layman's
Or maybe I should have my little cousin (come here!)
Write me a song and maybe then i'll get a buzz goin
So I think I'm callin' it quits
Either I'm too far behind or ahead of these pricks
I feel like I just threw half my life away
I get compared like I just killed my wife today
What do I need to do to gain some respect
Some recognition that I'm actually great at rap
Do I gotta wear chains and dance like I'm stupid
Teach people how to dougie and just say fuck music
Write my rhymes with crayons in a coloring booklet
Or should I just do the stanky leg and limp away from this new shit


[3. Verse]
I'm the hottest thing out since twilight
But they don't know me yet
I don't even have a spotlight
I'm in the back waving my hands
But no one sees me
And when I say I'm the one of the best
No one believes me
Maybe my ego got the best of me maybe
But if u listen to the radio
You'll know I'm not crazy
And everything I say makes sense doesn't it?
I love hip hop when these outsiders are just lusting it
Wacka floppa lame that his new name
If you don't like that then you need a new brain
Don't speak to me your talkin' that gibberish
And plus you're white with a grill thats just ridiculous
And you the lonely nerd behind the pc
About to post some bad comments about my cd
Lick my ass after I'm done takin a shit
And let's see you dance for me without breakin' a hip


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