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Maniac - text


Its a been minute since i spit
Since i ripped a mic
I forgot how sick i get (cough)
Forget where i been
Without a paper and pen
Im still slayin these men
Ima savor this sin
Still breaking them in
Throw a baby
At a train that just went
50 miles passed in the wind
Geez they caught me jaggin again
With so much passion
I got arrested for murder attempt
Hes so interesting
Fresh like listerine
Going in entering
Haters try to intervene
Hes losing all senses
Put up all fences
Alarms go off
He still on the offensive
They thought i died
But im back from the dead now kill them all
Its denace baby with a machete pills and alcohol
Im one of the best to ever do it stupid
So stop being stupid, ok stupid?
Fuckin idiot, stupid ignorant inbred doofus
Im sicker then lupas, you just
Cool piss, truth is
I gave up cuz i thought i was too good for these new kids
But now im back to bag them up and dig up a new ditch

Text přidala DiliFeli

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