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Your name - text


Dancing beneath the starlight
I was following your lead
Just you and i within the limelight
Wherever that may be

Getting lost in each other
There’s nothing we can’t do
Doesn’t matter where we are
As long as i am here with you

Mesmerized inside your eyes
A feeling like a dream
A far off memory
I wanna line up the pieces for you and me

A feeling oh so distant
Like the sound of my alarm
And now i wonder why i’m cold
When i still have you in my arms

And we have a connection
But i can only see your face at night
And i miss your affection
I remember when your hand was holding mine

I followed you in the dark
A death cab for cutie
We’re worlds apart
But it felt like you knew me

And i don’t think i ever caught your name
And i don’t think ill ever be the same

And now im feeling so anxious
A part of me is missing
Spent all my time in the night still wishing
To see your face again
I don’t want to forget
The time i loved a girl
That id never meet

Text přidala DeadInside

Video přidala DeadInside

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