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Terra and Ventus [ft. savage ga$p] - text


[Verse 1: demxntia]
(You should know I'm)
Always levelin' up
And all you rappers is stagnant
I'll break you down, won't break a sweat
I'll leave you broken in fragments
You on my dick, you gettin' mad
Your girl attracted like magnets
It's not my fault I wanna be happy
Instead of singin' 'bout sadness

Okay I'm ballin' like Wakka
I'm tryna cash out at Zanarkand
Coming back like Toonami
My neck is froze like a mannequin
And your shawty still want me
Fly in the sky like I'm Anakin
Pray to myself like I'm Kami
I flex on the scene 'cause I know I can

Strapped with the dragon blade
I'll make you spill your guts
If you ain't with us
You against us
No offense but
Nobody that I can trust
Fuck it I'ma glow alone
Don't hit my phone
Where'd you go
I wanna know
Flyin' out to Tokyo
Flexin' like I told you so

Heartless lemme in
I'll accept the darkness
Best to ever do it
I'm gonna show you what art is
I'm just takin' wats mine
Baby don't waste my time
No one can stop my shine
Sippin' water with a lime

[Verse 2: Savage Ga$p]
That look like Terra and Ventus
Oh wait that’s Gasp and demxntia?
The way I’m steppin' out the 'ventador
Aggressive possession
And I ain’t stressin' perception
Them gems is red on my necklace
And I count my blessings, I’m flexin'
I get that track and I wreck it

I just jump out of the whip, ay
I just jump out of your bitch, ay
I just jump out of the pumpkin you holdin'
And make you jump out of your skin, ay

I seen all you lookin' boy you checkin' for me
I can’t really see no one that’s better than me

Heartless emblem
Burned into my chest, you can see
You can catch me in that pumpkin patch
Where skeletons be

Pop pop
Ay, I'ma let it blast

Limit breaker, break the rotation
I’m 'bout to bring it back

I been fuckin' facin' in outer spaces
Can’t make it back

I don’t take no fuckin' L's
And I ain’t takin' nothin' back

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