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What Have We Become - text


There must be a reason, some kind of plan.
Can someone please help me understand.
Crushing everything but I try,
Find some meaning to it but I fail to find some justice as I say good bye.

Rise over the masses what's just up ahead.
There's a message that needs to be said.

This ain't a purpose to fight for what have we become?
Everything turns in to dust.
There's nothing left of you now.
Can you tell what's right from wrong?
Our beating hearts, has turned to solid stone.

We burn bridges.
So ambitious.
Reaching for something but we don't know what.
Marching forward as I as was obsessed.
Breathing fire burning in my chest.
Celebrate one victory as we lose the rest.
We can't show no weakness, its gone to our heads.
Maybe it's best if we give up instead?

Don't persist. It's meaningless to try.
Let's stop it all before we die.
This bitterness that we harvest, a manifest of our downfall.
This emptiness, has lead us to the end.

This ain't a purpose to fight for what have we become?

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