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Train Wreck - text


Take me far away to the stars.
Far away from all this hate, and far away to a better place.
Far away to the stars.
Leave this train wreck far behind, just leave this broken state of mind.

Save our souls, we have lost control.
Why are we turning on each other, we are not enemies.
Save our souls.
We have lost all hope.
Our beds are burning
Will we find a way to stop eventually?

Take me far away to the stars.
There's so much that can't be undone, panic affecting everyone.
Chaos spreading everywhere, are we bound to follow this madness through?
This affects you!

Please come hear my prayer, can we go back to yesterday?
We, we dwell fear.
The price to high but still we pay.
Dear God can you hear me, I just want this world to end.

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